The True and Proper Guide to Happiness

Hello friends, and welcome back to today’s blog!
As a fairly new dog owner, I must say that I still have a longggg way to go before I can say I truly understand everything about Timmy. However there is one thing that I do know, and it’s how to make him happy.

If you’re a dog owner then I’m sure you can relate, and even if you aren’t, I’m sure you have experienced the intense amount of joy and love that fills your heart watching a dog simply be, well, a dog.

You might be thinking “well this blog has a rather misleading title” or “where in the world is she going with this?” But let me tell you, I mean exactly what I meant when I named this blog. For me, nothing makes me feel more overjoyed than seeing Timmy happy and because of this, my guide to happiness consists of the 5 things that make him happy.

1. ANIMALS ANIMALS ANIMALS!!! – There is nothing Timmy loves in the world more (besides me hehe) than other animals. In fact, he loves our bird Koko so much he tries to lick her, and as I’m sure you can infer, she doesn’t enjoy it nearly as much as him…

(me writing the blog)
2. Attention – I can thoroughly admit that Timmy is somewhat of an attention bug. He’s so much so, that when someone else gets a hug he will wriggle himself into the middle of it and wag his tail in pure happiness. ​

​3. Food – Now, this is one that I’m sure most people can relate to. Also, please let me know in the comments if your dog does this as well, but when I’m eating Timmy will come over, lay his head in my lap, and watch me eat while wagging his tail hopefully. I mean, eventually I have to give in right…..?

4. Baths – Actually, Timmy hates baths and he always looks so sad it makes me feel guilty. But that’s not what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the moment after he’s taken a bath and he reacts like he’s been released from prison after 20 long years.

5. Sleep – This is one I completely and entirely relate with. And although this may sound selfish, I enjoy seeing Timmy do this the most, simply because he looks so peaceful and happy when he’s taking a nap.

Now don’t get me wrong, just having Timmy in my life makes me so grateful and ecstatic. And I truly believe that without him, I probably would not have entirely survived my freshman year of high school. I hope you guys all find the opportunity to spend some time with a dog and just observe the way they live life carefree and lovingly. Remember to tune in again next Wednesday!

Smile big,

Love Sammy

P.S. Make sure to check out Operation Kindness as always to look for the dog of your dreams!


2 thoughts on “The True and Proper Guide to Happiness

  1. OMG this blog is so cute I can barely control myself. Your writing makes me feel happy, the pictures make me feel happy, and all these things are super relatable to my relationship with my dog. (Except when she pees then it just ain’t good.) (She’s part cocker spaniel so she pees everywhere.:)) I especially giggled during 3 and 4 though because THEY ARE SO TRUE. Can’t wait to see some more of your blogs. PEACE @>@


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