Stress and Pets

Hi friends and welcome back to the most stressful week for most high schoolers. AP testing week.

As it is, high schoolers are stressed enough as it is apparently averaging as a 5.8 out of a 10 point scale (adults are 5.1), and with all the AP exams it really is the most difficult week to get through. However, it has been scientifically proven that dogs (and pets in general) are able to decrease these levels of stress. So here are 5 ways that dogs and other pets can help you survive the “best week of your life.” Enjoy!


  1. Lower blood pressure? Check! – Did you know that dogs lower a stress-causing hormone called Cortisol? Well now you do! According to a study, when people took care of dogs for three months their stress levels dropped significantly and they had a lower blood pressure. In fact…..5170590074.png
  2. Sniffling be gone – You’re in luck if you were able to grow up around. Why? Other than because ITS A DOG FOR GOODNESS SAKE, according to several studies referenced by Harvard, if you grow up with a dog in your house, you grow up with a reduced rate of asthma and allergies AND HOW COOL IS THAT? (especially now that it’s also allergy season you won’t be sniffling during your test)3817361645.png
  3. Endorphins! – Did you know that pet owners have also been found to get more exercise on average than most people? Mostly because I feel like your dog can guilt-trip you… In fact I often find Timmy staring longingly at his leash and whining before turning back to give me a pointed look…. (Sometimes I swear he acts like a human). And YES, it can be tough to pry yourself off the couch but ultimately it’s worth it because your dog will be pleased to no end, and most importantly you will feel great afterwards because of the endorphins!10025030825.png
  4. Dentists… *shudder* – Ever wonder why so many dentist offices and doctors keep an aquarium in the waiting room? Well apparently, pets (yes, even fish) have been shown to decrease our reactions to stressful situations. In fact, pets have been actually been more calming than your significant other which I feel like is highly possible since I often feel like whenever I do dumb things, Timmy is the only one who doesn’t judge me… (Even my bird, Koko, judges me)
    This is Koko!
  5. Fish are important – Am I the only person who has ever thought that fish were the most boring pet to own….? Not that I have anything against fish, I love them but I’ve never loved owning them. BUT if you own a fish then guess what? Just watching fish swim can lower your blood pressure AND can even prevent loneliness.


And there you go, five more even better reasons to convince your parents to let you have a pet! Remember during finals week to not cram, get more sleep, eat healthy, AND PLAY WITH LOTS OF PUPPIES, and so before we go here are some pictures of cute puppies to keep you company!


Smile big,

Love Sammy


6 thoughts on “Stress and Pets

  1. heLLo sAmMY,
    It is Helen!! I really enjoyed your post because I have been trying to convince my parents to get me any pet since I was in Kindergarten. They did get me and my sister two fish but they died because we forgot to feed them. They were pretty boring like you said. That is why I really want a dog or cat!! I also wrote a speech in Leadership class about why dogs are good for your health and many of my points were the same as yours! Do you want any more pets??

    lOve, HELEN 🙂


    1. Hey Helennnnn! You know what’s ironic? My mom is the one that actually wants another dog hehe, she wants to get a small one because thanks to Timmy she LOVES dogs now 🙂 so if you ever want to convince your parents just tell them about my mom


  2. Sammy Sammy Sammyyyyy, I love the tone that you used in this blog post! It makes me, and other readers probably, feel as if you’re directly talking us. I only have fish so when you included fish, I was happy because wow, they actually are good pets that have benefits! The whole blog made me feel as if my stress levels were decreasing. Next time, I’ll try to use these facts to persuade my parents to buy me a pet other than a fish!


  3. Hey Sammy,
    Thanks for all those cute dog pics; they really brightened up my day. I’ve always wanted a pet dog, but I’m allergic to dogs :(. Maybe if I get a dog now I’ll still “grow up” with fewer allergies? But that’s just wishful thinking. I really also like your tone – it’s really conversational.


    1. Krithika, thank you so much for your comment! I’m sorry you’re allergic to dogs, do you know if it’s the dandruff or their fur? There are actually dogs that are anti-allergenic, maybe you could check it out! 🙂 Thank you for your comment once again!
      – Sammy


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