Stages of Separation

Hello and welcome back to my blog!    I’m currently sitting in a hotel room, several miles away from the United States-Mexican border, with no wifi at 11:36 PM. And because this blog clearly isn’t off to the best start, I decided to address an experience that I feel all pet owners go through. I have decided to address the five stages of separation that I personally feel everytime I leave Timmy at home.

Refusal – This stage was the most prominent the first week I got Timmy because he would always cry when we left and my parents had to practically DRAG me out of the house.
Guilt- Often after being dragged out of the house I am left with an intense burden of guilt and for the first few weeks of adopting Timmy I felt so guilty leaving him at home by himself as a puppy.

Sadness- This feeling is always the most prominent for me, especially now that I’ve had Timmy for about a year. This emotion always appears as a sinking pit in my stomach and makes me feel like Timmy deserves better and that I should’ve been a better mother :(((

Loneliness- This stage could be described as the worst and most heartbreaking one because when someone describes where their home is, they say their home is where their heart is, and for me, my heart is with Timmy and to leave him behind gives me a overwhelming rush of loneliness.
Reluctant Acceptance- I say reluctant because I definitely don’t want to accept being away from Timmy but I have to because I know it will not do me or him any good to worry and fret over it, especially because I know this is something that I will go through everyday as I leave for school.

​The saying is that distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I believe that that is truly the case. Because although I might hate leaving Timmy on any occasion whatsoever, seeing him again after a long day and his complete and pure happiness at seeing me may all be worth the wait. I always take in mind that even if I might be having a bad day, the idea of having Timmy greet me when I get home is more than enough to get me through the rest of the day. So here is a picture of Timmy to brighten up the rest of your day. I hope you enjoy!

Smile big,

Love Sammy


8 thoughts on “Stages of Separation

  1. Sammi, I LOVED YOUR POST! I completely agree with everything that you’ve said. It is so hard to leave my dogs whenever we go on vacation, it’s like a part of our family is missing. It’s just not the same without them! My dogs can always turn a bad day into a good one, because they are just so full of joy and happiness. I constantly find myself wishing that my dogs were with me all of the time! It’s so awesome that you have such a great relationship with Timmy, because some people don’t appreciate their pets very much. I look forward to reading your next post! I hope the band trip is going well!


  2. Dear Sammy,
    This was a really heartwarming post. While it was very descriptive it also tugged at the heartstrings. The stages are pretty accurate and I feel that the descriptions are also very accurate. I personally do not have a pet, so I haven’t gone through any of this but it seems very challenging. The photos add to the post in a good way and the structure is great!



  3. Hey Sammy!
    Your post was awesome! I really like the saying you mentioned, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Especially with pets, I understand it can be difficult to say goodbye, but seeing their shining faces at the end of the day is something I always look forward too as well. Pets are friends for a lifetime, and it’s great it to see how much you care for Timmy. Keep blogging!


  4. I’ve always wanted a dog, but I suppose I can relate some parts of this with my bean plant (???). I definitely understand the part where you said you should’ve been a better mother, as pets are often helpless in communication. They can’t tell you if where they hurt or what they’re feeling. Sad but uplifting post because you always get to see Timmy again! Also I appreciate the work ethic that you still decided to post even though on vacation! I know I probably wouldn’t have posted and procrastinated instead… 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! I feel like you really understand what I’m saying and oh dear don’t remind me about my bean plant…. (it got eaten by something… Maybe Timmy), I really appreciate your comment and thank you again!


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