Dog-Friendly Restaurants

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Recently, I have been entirely too interested in Cat Cafes, which have been very popular in Asia. And it got me thinking; are there any local restaurants that welcome dogs and pets with open arms? Well, lucky for us, Dallas appears to be a hotspot for all sorts of dog-friendly restaurants and many appear to have great reviews and ratings!

Dream Cafe –  This Cafe had the highest and the most number of reviews but also appeared to be the most popular. It appears that they have multiple locations including Addison and Dallas, however they only appear to be open from 7:00 AM – 3:00 PM. The reviews that other dog owners have left are all positive and the staff seems to be wonderful and kind so go and check them out!


T, Emily. Dream Eggs Benedict with Hash Browns. Digital image. The Dream Cafe. Yelp, 16 Feb. 2014. Web. 23 May 2017.

Katy Ice House – This restaurant appears to be very unique because it is a Austin-style bar garden and restaurant that is friendly to dogs and does barbeques (sounds like the American dream right?) They appear to be very popular during the NFL seasons and according to reviews often have many dogs there at a time.


Check out their photo gallery here!

The Londoner – Now I have actually been to this restaurant before, and I must say I was highly impressed. As a person who was born and raised in London for 5 years, the food that they served, lived up to their claims and was delicious! In fact, they came in very large portions and were well worth the price. As for their treatment towards dogs, we actually didn’t bring Timmy with us the time that we went, but we watched the staff bring bowls of water and treats to other people who had brought their dogs. The only critique that I would make about this place is that it smells highly of smoke… I could not tell if it was from the burning of wood or cigarettes but either way it was not unbearable and I would 10/10 recommend this restaurant.

Check out some delicious food pictures here!


Now one of the common trends that I have noticed in most of these dog-friendly places is that they all serve alcohol or are a pub of some sort (minus The Dream Cafe). However, these places all still seem to be family-friendly and provide some sort of patio for your dog! If you are interested in a real pub that is especially dog-friendly, go check out the Uptown Pub! But for now, please enjoy these sweet pictures of these pups and some delicious food!4533898556.png27504783974.png7989622178.png6520848409.png543220605.png


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