About The Author

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha and I am a dog-lover at heart who just happens to have a passion for cooking and trying new things. I have an adorable 2-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier- Brittney Spaniel mix who occasionally answers to the name Timmy. He has several hobbies which he finds extreme pleasure in: chasing his tail, chasing bunnies, and chasing cars (long story).

This blog will be filled with everything you might expect to find in a doggie-filled haven: cool new treat recipes, fun facts, dog videos and pictures, and even adoption information for dogs at a local animal shelter! I hope you enjoy my blogs and Timmy and I hope to entertain and amuse you with our stories and adventures. Remember to adopt and not shop, and smile big!


Check out the non-profit and no-kill shelter, Operation Kindness here.