Your Basic Dog Treat

Hey friends, welcome back to my blog!

So for this basic blog, I decided to make my first recipe the most basic one I could find: Introducing the basic dog recipe by Caesar’s Way (aka the Dog Whisperer).

– 2 ½ cups of whole wheat or regular flour
– 1 tsp. of salt (optional)
– 1 egg
– 1 tsp. beef or chicken bouillon granules (can substitute beef or chicken broth/stock)
– ½ cup of hot water

Additional toppings ex: oats, bacon, liver powder, shredded cheese, bacon bits, etc.


Although these were the original instructions, I did make some changes of my own:

NOTE: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees before you begin, I always forget to do this hehe…

The first change I made was adding bread flour instead of regular flour (because I didn’t have any… hehehe) to a relatively large mixing bowl. This however caused the treat to have a bread like consistency inside the treat, and I would like to test it again in the future with all-purpose flour.

I also added an entire cube of chicken stock and added ¾ cups of hot water into the mixture because it was too crumbly (This however did make the mixture rather sticky).

After I finished mixing all the rest of the ingredients with a spatula, I started to knead the dough until the bowl was relatively clean and a ball formed (note: this does get rather messy but once the dough forms it’s easy to clean)

Once the ball of dough was formed I laid down some Seran wrap on the counter and floured it, as well as a rolling pin. This helped to balance out the wetness of the dough and prevented the dough from sticking.

I rolled the dough to around 1-2 inches (The website recommends ½ inch). After rolling the dough out, I realized how little planning I had done and had to rummage through the kitchen drawers to find some cookie cutters. I ended up choosing some cute stars and teddy bears 🙂



So… The website didn’t say how many treats this recipe would make, and even with the treats at a 1-2 inch thickness, I was definitely not prepared to make 20+ of them….

NOTE: These treats do rise a little bit, I would recommend making them at a ½ inch thickness (don’t be a rebel like me). Just be prepared to have a whole lot of treats for your furbabies, which is never a bad thing.

After stacking almost 3 trays of treats into the oven I baked them for 30 minutes.

NOTE: If you have the treats on two different levels of the oven I recommend switching them at the 15 minute mark to make sure the cooking is even.

Overall, I loved this recipe and most importantly, so did Timmy! In fact I even have a few pictures of him and some other puppies enjoying these treats.

You might ask what I did with all the extra, and as much as I would’ve liked to let Timmy eat all of them (and let’s be real he probably would have). I wanted to give them to some other furbabies (who ended up enjoying them!)
This recipe, was a success to the dogs and I can’t wait to try another recipe for our dogs to enjoy! 🙂


Smile big,
Love Sammy

P.S. The featured dog of this blog is a sweet 9 month-old puppy named Bruno, find him at Operation Kindness.


The Story of Timmy

Now I’m sure many of you dog-lovers out there have gone through that phase where you BEG your parents to let you have a dog. In fact, many of you might have even put together a very impressive argument, for an 8-year old, to try to convince your parents. Some of you might’ve even gone through a phase where you spent more time researching dog breeds than the time you spent on schoolwork.

These phases were all me, until I got Timmy.

My family and I were eating a fairly average lunch on a fairly average day. Until my dad suddenly declared that we were getting a dog.

The emotions that filled the room were as follow:

My mom- Shock and horror

My brother – Disbelief and joy

Me – Crying tears of happiness

I couldn’t believe that in all the 13 years of my life, my work had paid off and we were finally getting a dog.

Although my brother and I were practically grinning from ear to ear, my mom was to say the least…. not pleased, and the more shelters we visited, the more tired we were, and the more my mom tried to herd us home.

We were at our fourth shelter and ready to give up on finding the dog of our dreams. When I suddenly remembered a shelter my friend had once taken me to, Operation Kindness.

On the way there I felt rejuvenated and full of hope. I prayed that we would be able to introduce a new member to our family because I knew we may never have this chance again. When we got there, two dogs caught our eye; Liberty and Joy, I thought we might’ve found the puppy of our dreams. Instead, neither one of these puppies seemed to like people or us….

We had lost all hope and I felt devastated knowing that if we walked out we would never get a dog. As we were walking out, my brother suddenly pulled my arm and said, “Wait, there’s one more puppy I want to look at.”

He led me towards a smaller secluded area of the shelter. Pointing out a small scruffy brown and white dog with the saddest face I had ever seen. He was the only one who wasn’t barking and had his head resting on his paws staring at us with big brown eyes.

Now, you might have thought that this was a “love at first sight” story. But if I’m being honest with myself and the people reading this blog, it wasn’t.

Timmy is what many would call a “mutt” and at the shelter because of the environment he was in, that’s what he looked like. He wasn’t the most beautiful dog there, but still to this day he is the most gentle soul I know. I am only grateful that he gave my family and I a chance, and that we saw him.

If you have a dog, a beloved pet, or someone you love then you can understand how much they mean and become to you. To me, Timmy is everything and he brightens my day whenever I see him greet me after school. “Mutt”, which is often used as a derogatory term for a dog, doesn’t mean their lives are worth any less than a purebred dog. All dogs have a purpose and a lesson to teach us. I have learned so much from Timmy and come to appreciate life for what it is. Each and every dog is worthy of love and their lives are worth so much more than many people understand.


Smile big until next time,